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What they are saying about our liquid organic fertilizer.

Happy SPRAY and GREEN customer

"My shrubs grew thicker and healthier, and the ornamentals hedges produced a fuller structure, resulting in better looking borders and garden sculptures. SPRAY and GREEN strengthened my plants and thickened my lawn. A great product!"
~ Don in California

This is a picture that was submitted to us by a satisfied customer. First time customers always become regular customers, simply because our Organic Fertilizer makes everything look great... from your lawn, flowers, bushes, fruits, vegetables, etc.

•  "I LOVE this fertilizer, it is so easy to use. All I had to do was hook it to my hose and spray. Being a woman, I really appreciate the easy use of SPRAY and GREEN. Thank You!"
~ Julie in Florida

•  "Hi... I wanted to tell you how much I like your liquid fertilizer. I tried other products, and had to buy different fertilizers for my various flowers, trees and shrubs. With Spray & Green Fertilizer, I can use it on everything including my lawn. It not only works great, but saves me money."
~ Ralph in North Carolina

•  "I have to tell you that your product saved my yard! My lawn looked really bad, no matter what I used, and I had a problem with bugs on the flowers and plants. After using SPRAY and GREEN, my lawn was healthy, and the pests on the plants disapeared, and the blooms on the flowers were healthy. Now my yard is a showplace. I am so glad I found your fertilizer!"
~ Shirley in Georgia

•  "Hello SPRAY and GREEN. Wanted to let you know what your organic fertilizer did for my roses. They were really spindly, and the flowers were small and sad looking. I had a lot of trouble with bugs on the leaves, etc. I started using SPRAY and GREEN on them this year. Now they have dark healthy leaves, and the roses have big beautiful blooms that last a lot longer. This is the best fertilizer I have ever used!"
~ Robert in California

•  "I found a great Eco-friendly Fertilizer that is safe to use all over in the yard. I have 3 small children, and now I know that my yard is safe and healthy for them to play in."
~ Joan in Arizona

Happy SPRAY and GREEN customer

This picture was taken right after the lawn was sprayed. You can see how SPRAY and GREEN starts working immediately. SPRAY and GREEN Liquid Fertilizer works miracles with damaged and unkempt grass, and makes your lawn flourish and look healthier after just one spray!

It also works great on new lawns. Despite of the condition of your lawn, SprayGreen will bring your lawn's color and health to it's fullest potential

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